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Emmanuel House for Girls has a new name.
And this is our new website. Welcome!

we prevent the

trafficking of orphans

365 days per year

We exist to protect orphans from traffickers and
to provide orphans with family-like homes and
hopeful opportunties.

In Moldova and Ukraine
60% of orphaned girls will get trafficked
12% will commit suicide before their 18th birthday
Almost 50% will die before their 21st birthday

The trafficking of orphans must stop.

Here are 3 ways you can help.


When you give to the ‘Orphan’s Relief Fund,' you directly meet the needs of the most vulnerable orphans. Your gift provides items such as a pair of shoes that fit, a winter coat that is warm or even a surgery that keeps a child alive.


Select a child or teenager from the list of orphans on this site.  Sign up to support the child monthly. By doing so, you enable the child to move out of an orphanage and into one of our family-style homes where they deeply cared for.


Invite an orphan to spend their summer or winter break living with you and your family. If you can't host a child, will you help a child come to America? Your financial gift will give an orphan a brighter life and hopeful future!

The Emmanuel House in Chisinau, Moldova

In 2014, we opened our first home which housed three older teenaged girls.
But we’re not done yet.

We will not stop
until every orphan is safe!
Here’s how you can get involved.


Let the world know about human trafficking and connect caring people to this important work.


Unite with groups around the world who regularly pray for each child individually.


Join one of our groups and visit the Emmanuel House on one of our many mission endeavors. Contact us


Donating new and used items through our ‘Orphan’s Aid Humanitarian Program’ will give hope and happiness to deprived children in need.


Giving monthly through our ‘Orphan’s Friend Sponsorship Program’ will provide food, clothing, housing, healthcare, education and all other necessities to a specific child in need.


Opening your home to a child through our ‘Orphan’s Family Hosting Program’ will brighten a child’s life forever!
Amazing Impact

With Your Help

Tonight . . .
52 orphans are going to sleep in one of our six family-type homes,

19 orphans are being hosted by our families in America, 
216 meals are being prepared and served to the children in our care,
83 orphans are being protected from traffickers.

This year . . .
86,400 meals will be prepared and served to the children in our care,              292 pairs of shoes and 92 warm coats will be provided,
1000’s of hugs will be given,
Immeasurable amounts of love will be shown. 

  Thank you for helping orphans to have a better life!