By Bri MacNaught FOX10 Sports Reporter
“I’ve traveled all over the world and sports is always the neutralizer. Sports is what brings people together,” said Joe Savage, Founder of Road of Hope.

That’s exactly what the Savage family did today.

As ten orphans from Ukraine came to South Alabama to enjoy a day filled with fun.

“It’s interesting because you can have people that speak multiple languages put a ball on the field, they come together and next thing you know everyone is having fun,” said Joe.

“Sports connects a lot of people. We can’t even speak the same language but they know what a goal is, or a touchdown and of course smiles and laughter is a universal language as well so we’ve seen a lot of smiles and a lot of laughter today,” said Phil Savage, the General Manager of Phoenix Alliance of American Football.

The Savage family understands the importance of family and fun as they hope to share positive memories with everyone.

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