By Joe Emer Studio10 Host
Roads of Hope operates 6 homes in Moldova and Ukraine housing more than 50 orphaned children. The goal is to prevent them from being trafficked as these two countries are considered ground zero for sex and labor trafficking.

Roads of Hope is based in Mobile and all board members are locals with Dr. Joe Savage serving full-time as CEO. Orphan Statistics:60% of orphaned girls will be trafficked after aging out of a state orphanage.A girl will be prostituted an average of 6,000 times and will be dead in 7 years. 75% of orphaned boys will become criminals or forced into labor trafficking. 10-15% of the boys and girls will commit suicide before their 18th birthday and 50% of the orphans will be dead before their 21st birthday. The work of Roads of Hope-We protect and prevent orphaned children from traffickers by providing them with care, housing, and alternative opportunity.-We bring orphaned children from Ukraine to the USA for the summer so they can have a brighter life and interact with families for the first time. -Currently we have 9 orphans staying in local homes and we have another ten orphans coming in August for the month. Since 2014, we have been known as the Emmanuel House. As we have grown and expanded, we have come to the conclusion that we must change our name to something that better reflects our larger mission. Of course, we are continuing our work at the Emmanuel House, but with the expansion of our programs now spanning across three nations and the number of homes rapidly increasing, we have officially changed our name to ROADS OF HOPE. We are helping as many orphans as possible find safe and loving homes. We are going to accomplish this mission as rapidly as possible so that we can give life and hope to the orphans before they fall into the hands of darkness, despair, and death (aka – traffickers, criminals, & suicide). We are rebuilding the lives of orphans while serving on the front lines of human trafficking. We are operating safe homes for orphans 365 days each year in both Moldova and Ukraine. Our homes never close. Our presence never stops and we fight against the trafficking of orphans every single day. Together we can reach more orphans and we can do it before the bad guys do! Join us in this fight!

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