Humanitarian Aid

Don’t Talk About the Evils of Trafficking, Help Us Fight It.

We are rebuilding the lives of orphans while serving on the front lines of human trafficking. We are operating safe homes for orphans 365 days each year in both Moldova and Ukraine. Our homes never close. Our presence never stops and we fight against the trafficking of orphans every single day. Together we can reach more orphans and we can do it before the bad guys do! Join us in this fight!

Here are ways you can help.


After entering an orphanage, most orphans don’t receive a quality education. This does not have to be the norm. Your help will provide books, school supplies and other tools needed for academic growth.


Orphans are often neglected when they become sick or have special needs. At times, seriously sick orphans are left to die simply because they don’t have medicine. Your assistance will make kids well.


Every orphan has the dream of coming to America. You can make this dream a reality as we bring them to America for 4-6 weeks.


Orphans who are fluent in English get better jobs as adults. Your support will provide an orphan with skills that will lasts a lifetime.


Every orphan should have shoes that fit and a warm coat to wear. Unfortunately, most do not. Your gift can change this autrocity and provide orphans with proper clothing and shoes.  


When you sponsor an orphan monthly, you enable the child to live in one of our family homes instead of a state institution.

Sponsor a Child

Become an Orphan’s Friend by giving provision of safe and loving homes.

Learn about Hosting

Become an Orphan’s Family by hosting them in the United States.

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