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Hosting an orphaned child in your home for 4-6 weeks will be one of the greatest experiences you and your family will ever do together. By opening your home to a child, you could become the greatest influence the child has ever known as many of the children have never been inside of a safe and loving home.

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How it works


Complete the application process to be approved as a host family.


Learn more about children eligible for hosting and choose from their stories, interests, and circumstances that resonate with you.


Work closely with Roads of Hope team to prepare for the arrival and stay of your hosted child.

Hosting Q & A

What is Hosting?
Hosting is simple. We help Ukrainian orphans find loving families in the United States who will host them in their home for 4-6 weeks. It is in this environment that the child experiences home and family life possibly for the first time. The benefits for the child are innumerable. The child learns English, experiences a different culture, broadens his or her worldview, learns how a family operates, meets caring people, and feels part of an actual family.
How does the program work?

Host families select the orphan they would like to host through our private photo listing which provides a recent photo and brief biography of several eligible children. Host families agree to accommodate the child(ren) and to donate the child’s travel costs. By being in your home, they will get a first hand glimpse of what healthy relationships can be! Many of these children have never had a positive family experience or been exposed to genuine love. Words cannot adequately describe how you and your family’s influence, sacrifice, and love will impact the child(ren) forever.

Why is hosting an orphan so important?
Orphans in Moldova and Ukraine have very little hope of ever having a decent life. Statistically most will end up in prison or being prostituted thousands of times as a victim of trafficking. When an orphan child is hosted, his or her life can completely be changed forever! The children feel loved, know they have purpose, learn English, become better students academically, and gain a new and hopeful perspective about life!
Why private hosting?
Roads of Hope decided to start hosting orphans from Ukraine because we continue to see the desperate desire that so many orphans have for a loving family. As we have ventured deeper and researched more into the lives of orphans in Ukraine, we discovered that only 10-12% of ALL orphans in Ukraine have a decent job, home or life after graduating from the orphan system. The other 88-90% turn to crime, become victims of trafficking or commit suicide. It is because of these horrifying statistics and our love for orphans that we are driven to find loving homes with which the children can connect. We know from experience that orphans significantly benefit when given an opportunity to be in a loving home.
Do I qualify?

We look for families who possess the following attributes: 1) Be of the Christian faith, 2) Be willing to open their home for 4-6 weeks, and 3) Be able to provide love and care for a child in a safe, family environment. We want the children to experience a family and to personally see healthy relationships between spouses and between parents and children. To host an orphaned child from the other side of the planet who needs you will be one of the greatest honors and blessings of your life. If you have questions or concerns, contact us.

What are the steps?

First, click on the box above to register that you are interested in hosting. Then we will provide you with access to a photo listing of the orphans eligible to host. After praying and deciding to host, you will need to complete our application and background check. There is a $100 fee required to submit this application. A criminal background check costs approximately $35 and is payable to and processed by a partnering company. Once your application has been received we will send a request for a deposit on your child. You will need to make a $750 deposit within 48 hours to move your child from hold to hosted.

At this time, our team in Ukraine will communicate to the orphanage director that your child has been selected and thus we begin the legal process for the child to come to America. We help the child(ren) get their Ukrainian passport, American visa, and the many other documents needed for the child to come see you! It is a meticulously detailed, but incredibly exciting process that occurs, and we are blessed to have some of the best people in the world who specialize in hosting working for us! During this process, we communicate with you and try to be available to answer any questions that you may have. Prior to the child(ren) coming, we will provide you with an online training and hosting manual so that you will be best prepared. Once we know the arrival date and time of the children, we will instruct you about where to meet us as you will personally pick up the child at the arrival airport.

How do we communicate with the children if they do not speak English?
There are several online translation sites that can help immensely. You can use these sites to converse with the child if needed. Charades is something that you and your family will also use a lot! While frustrating at times, the language barrier can actually be fun, entertaining, and actually very helpful to the child. As an added help, Roads of Hope has a team of translators who stand ready to help 24 hours a day via telephone. We also have one of our Ukrainian staff members who will accompany the children on their flight and then remain in the United States for the duration of the children’s visit. This person speaks English fluently and will be available to assist you at any time if needed.
How do we get started?

To get started, simply fill out the request for information listed above. Once we receive and give preliminary approval to your request, you will be provided a photo listing of the children eligible for hosting.  (For privacy and child protection purposes, we do not share the child’s personal information and photos publicly.) If you have questions or need more information, please contact us.

How much does it cost to host a child?

As a host, you agree to make a donation that covers all expenses associated with bringing the child to America to be hosted. Hosting a child costs between $2,500 – $3,200 depending on the season of the year and length of time the child(ren) are being hosted in your home. This donation covers acquiring the child a passport, visa, health insurance, airfare, ground transportation, Moldovan or Ukrainian legal documents, translators, trainings, and overall administrative costs. Cost incurred while the child is in your home is covered by you as a host.

Is financial assistance available to help with hosting?
Yes, financial assistance may be available. Our staff will be glad to help you discover various resources available to help with the financial costs of hosting. Simply contact our office and we will be happy to discuss options.
I cannot host a child but can I financially support a child to be hosted?
Absolutely! Many children who want to come can’t because of the limitations of funds. Your generous support can pay for an individual child to be hosted or can provide financial assistance for someone else to host who needs some additional support. We will be glad to discuss the various options with you if desired, or you can simply give online and indicate your gift is for hosting.
Are the costs associated with hosting tax-deductible?
Yes. The fee for hosting a child is considered a contribution to Roads of Hope and is tax-deductible.

Provide a safe, loving, caring environment by temporarily hosting a child in your home with hopes they will find their own families here in the United States.

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