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Since 2014, we have been known as the Emmanuel House. As we have grown and expanded, we have come to the conclusion that we must change our name to something that better reflects our larger mission. Of course, we are continuing our work at the Emmanuel House, but with the expansion of our programs now spanning across three nations and the number of homes rapidly increasing, we have officially changed our name to ROADS OF HOPE.

We are helping as many orphans as possible find safe and loving homes. We are going to accomplish this mission as rapidly as possible so that we can give life and hope to the orphans before they fall into the hands of darkness, despair, and death (aka – traffickers, criminals, & suicide).

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Orphan’s Aid

Give hope by providing humanitarian assistance to orphans in need.

Orphan’s Friend

Provide a safe and loving home for an orphan in Moldova and Ukraine by sponsoring a child for only $38 per month.

Orphan’s Family

Provide a safe, loving, caring environment by temporarily hosting a child in your home with hopes they will find their own families here in the United States.

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